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12 Feb 2020 - WOI - The year 2020 will be crucial for the sustainable development of the ocean. Some are calling it the “ocean super year” due to its packed agenda including the World Ocean Summit, the UN Ocean Summit, Our Ocean in Palau, the conference on the Convention on Biological Diversity and COP26 in Glasgow, UK.

9 Nov 2018 - Investing in coral reefs to prevent their current rate of decline could net $37b for Indonesia, $35b for Mesoamerican Reef by 2030, case studies show


5 Jun 2017 - Landmark study released today by PEMSEA, Conservation International and The Nature Conservancy examines the science and policy of “blue carbon” in East Asia, and the opportunities for countries.

Hosted by PEMSEA and UNDP, with UN Environment, The Economist, R20 Regions of Climate Action, Blue Finance, Blueyou, Climate Bonds Initiative, Credit Suisse.
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06/06/2017 - 15:00
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