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In Vlora region there are 89 natural monuments three National Parks, (Llogara National Park, Butrint National Park and the Marine National Park of Karaburun-Sazan), two Managed Natural Reserve (MNR Karaburun and MNR Rrëzomë) and one Protected Landscape (Protected Landscape of Vjose-Narta). In Vlora region is located the first and only marine national park established in Albania, the Karaburun-Sazan MPA.

In Llogara National Park you have the opportunity to visit numerous tourist attractions with natural and historical values. Do not leave the park without visiting the “Flag pine” natural monument; the two highest peaks of Llogara, “Qafa e Thelle” and “Maja e Qores”, which offer a fantastic view of Ionian sea, Vlora Bay and that of the park seen from above; “Caesar’s Pass,” the historical place where Caesar and his army camped during his battles against Pompey. Within the park are marked and mapped 50 km trails that connect these attractions.

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Vlora Regional Administration of Protected Areas