Ocean Action Hub

9 May 2019 - Centre will bring together experts, researchers and policymakers from least developed countries and other African and Asian countries to develop their fisheries sectors.

UNCTAD and Mauritius signed a memorandum of understanding on 6 May in the western Mauritian town of Quatre Bornes to open a new centre of excellence for the fisheries sector in developing countries. 

The centre will serve as a practical site for putting policy recommendations for least developed countries (LDCs) into action.

“This includes providing support to training activities and building institutional, as well as regulatory capacities of developing countries,” said Paul Akiwumi, director of UNCTAD’s division for Africa and least developed countries.

The centre will host training and capacity-building events for African and Asian countries, with an eye towards harnessing the potential of their fisheries and aquaculture sectors for sustainable growth, transformation and poverty alleviation.

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