Ocean Action Hub

New York, 17 Oct 2017 - Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors and staff from the Peace Boat visited UNDP headquarters to learn about UNDP’s work on ocean conservation and sustainable development. Coming from the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Caribbean regions, the Youth Ambassadors actively engaged in this learning experience covering ocean challenges such as ocean acidification, overfishing, habitat loss, invasive species, while reiterating the role of Large Marine Protected Areas for the health of our ocean. Launched as a Voluntary Commitment of the Peace Boat to the UN Ocean Conference 2017, the "Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors Programme" brings together young leaders from Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to travel onboard the Peace Boat and share the voices from their communities regarding the front line impacts of climate change, whilst engaging in learning and capacity building opportunities. It is expected that these Youth Ambassadors will continue as Ocean and Climate advocates in their respective communities and will be sharing their knowledge.  

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Ider Batbayar