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01 Nov 2015 - Mara Ntona, BENELEX - In the years preceding the adoption of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), developments in the fields of marine science and technology proliferated. As a result, the elaboration of a legal framework that would deal constructively with the consequences of scientific and technological progress emerged as one of the primary goals of the final phase of the UNCLOS negotiations. The heated political debate surrounding marine scientific research was ultimately distilled in UNCLOS Part XIII, an important element of which is benefit-sharing. This blog post will begin by analysing the rationale that underpins the UNCLOS provisions on marine scientific research, and the underlying compromise between the divergent interests of developed and developing States. Different forms of benefit-sharing will then be identified in the context of these provisions. The post concludes with a discussion of challenges to their implementation.

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Mara Ntona
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Ocean Conference