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The Economist Events' fifth World Ocean Summit was held in Mexico on 7 - 9 March 2018 and expanded into a wider, more ambitious World Ocean Initiative focused on five pillars: sustainable fisheries, pollution, climate change, finance and technology. Its aim is ambitious: to deepen engagement with the private sector and particularly private capital's involvement with the ocean. At the World Ocean Summit 2018, particiants:

  • Meet with impact investors, decision-makers, government officials, and leaders in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) who can drive scalable, sustainable investment in the ocean.
  • Define investment frameworks, with the ocean community, for scaling responses in the areas of plastics and pollution, sustainable fisheries and climate change.
  • Build strategic partnerships with the public and private sectors to build sustainable best practices within your organisation, country or industry, and lead change.

What's new for 2018?

  • An extension of the Word Ocean Summit 2017, deepening on the issue of financing
  • Focus on measurement providing accountability of blue initiatives in the areas of fisheries, pollution and climate change
  • The first business case of the blue economy that drives discussions on investments and growth in the blue economy

Featured speakers included:

  • Luis​ ​Guillermo​ ​Solís,​ ​president,​ ​​Costa​ ​Rica 
  • Guðni​ ​Th.​ ​Jóhannesson,​ ​president,​ ​​Iceland 
  • Enrique​ ​Peña​ ​Nieto,​ ​president,​ ​​Mexico 
  • Erna​ ​Solberg,​ ​prime​ ​minister,​ ​​Norway​ ​​(via​ ​live​ ​video) 
  • Tarsicio​ ​Granizo,​ ​minister​ ​of​ ​environment,​ ​​Ecuador 
  • Arif​ ​Havas​ ​Oegroseno,​ ​deputy​ ​coordinating​ ​minister​ ​of​ ​maritime​ ​affairs,​ ​​Indonesia 
  • Vidar​ ​Helgesen,​ ​minister​ ​of​ ​climate​ ​and​ ​environment,​ ​​Norway 
  • Beth​ ​Christensen,​ ​professor​ ​and​ ​director​ ​of​ ​environmental​ ​studies​ ​programme,  Adelphi​ ​University 
  • Dagmar​ ​Nelissen,​ ​senior​ ​researcher​ ​and​ ​consultant,​ ​​CE​ ​Delft  
  • Geir​ ​Molvik,​ ​chief​ ​executive​ ​officer,​ ​​Cermaq 
  • Michael​ ​Eckhart,​ ​managing​ ​director​ ​and​ ​global​ ​head​ ​of​ ​environmental​ ​finance,  Citigroup 
  • Werner​ ​Hoyer,​ ​president,​ ​​European​ ​Investment​ ​Bank 
  • Jonathan​ ​Taylor,​ ​vice-president,​ ​​European​ ​Investment​ ​Bank  
  • Matthew​ ​Arnold,​ ​managing​ ​director​ ​and​ ​global​ ​head​ ​of​ ​sustainable​ ​finance,  JPMorgan​ ​Chase​ ​&​ ​Co. 
  • Gary​ ​Gysin,​ ​chief​ ​executive​ ​officer,​ ​​Liquid​ ​Robotics,​ ​A​ ​Boeing​ ​Company 
  • Alf-Helge​ ​Aarskog,​ ​chief​ ​executive​ ​officer,​ ​​Marine​ ​Harvest 
  • Sylvia​ ​Earle,​ ​president​ ​and​ ​chairman,​ ​​Mission​ ​Blue 
  • Claus​ ​Fuglsang,​ ​senior​ ​vice-president,​ ​research​ ​and​ ​technology,​ ​​Novozymes 
  • Alexandra​ ​Cousteau,​ ​senior​ ​advisor,​ ​​Oceana 
  • Carter​ ​Ries​ ​and​ ​Olivia​ ​Ries,​ ​co-founders,​ ​​One​ ​More​ ​Generation 
  • Francisco​ ​Saraiva​ ​Gomes,​ ​chief​ ​executive​ ​officer,​ ​​Pontos​ ​Aqua​ ​Holdings 
  • Rolando​ ​Morillo,​ ​vice-president,​ ​sustainability​ ​and​ ​impact​ ​group,​ ​​Rockefeller​ ​&​ ​Co 
  • Martyn​ ​Parker,​ ​chairman,​ ​global​ ​partnership,​ ​​Swiss​ ​Re 
  • Darian​ ​McBain,​ ​global​ ​director​ ​of​ ​sustainable​ ​development,​ ​​Thai​ ​Union 
  • Peter​ ​Thomson,​ ​special​ ​envoy​ ​for​ ​the​ ​ocean,​ ​​United​ ​Nations 
  • Richard​ ​Branson,​ ​founder,​ ​​Virgin​ ​Group​​ ​(via​ ​live​ ​video) 
  • John​ ​Haley,​ ​chief​ ​executive​ ​officer,​​ ​Willis​ ​Towers​ ​Watson 
  • Audrey​ ​Azoulay,​ ​director-general,​ ​​UNESCO  Paula​ ​Caballero,​ ​global​ ​director,​ ​climate​ ​programme,​ ​​World​ ​Resources​ ​Institute 
  • Margaret​ ​Leinen,​ ​director,​ ​Scripps​ ​Institution​ ​of​ ​Oceanography,​​ ​University​ ​of  California,​ ​San​ ​Diego
  • Timothy​ ​Gordon​ ​,​ ​marine​ ​biologist,​ ​​University​ ​of​ ​Exeter 
  •  Ove​ ​Hoegh-Guldberg,​ ​director,​ ​Global​ ​Change​ ​Institute,​​ ​University​ ​of​ ​Queensland  
  • Paul​ ​Jardine,​ ​executive​ ​vice-president​ ​and​ ​chief​ ​experience​ ​officer,​ ​​XL​ ​Catlin 
  • Roz​ ​Savage,​ ​senior​ ​fellow,​ ​Jackson​ ​Institute​ ​for​ ​Global​ ​Affairs,​ ​​Yale​ ​University 
  • Rana​ ​Kapoor,​ ​managing​ ​director​ ​and​ ​chief​ ​executive​ ​officer,​ ​​YES​ ​BANK  

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Wednesday, 7 March, 2018 - 14:00 to Friday, 9 March, 2018 - 17:30
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