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1 Jul 2019 - SDG 14 target 14.6 establishes the need to reach agreement on eliminating harmful fisheries subsidies “by 2020” – i.e. before the end of this year.

  • The WTO negotiations on eliminating certain types of fisheries subsidies - the main driver of overfishing - must be completed by the end of 2019.
  • China recently proposed capping such subisdies with exceptions to be included in a “green box” of exemptions, which we argue should include only subsidies that improve biodiversity conservation; this would force fishing interests to prove they are not hurting ocean life.
  • Now is the time to demonstrate that multilateral negotiations – and the WTO itself – can play a positive role on the global stage.

CONTINUE READING ONLINE HERE: https://sdg.iisd.org/commentary/guest-articles/wto-fisheries-negotiations-failure-is-not-an-option/

Photo: Duangphorn Wiriya on Unsplash

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Rémi Parmentier
Subsidies, WTO, Fisheries
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Sustainable fisheries