Network Type About the Network

The Global Environment Facility’s International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network (GEF IW: LEARN)

Resource network

The GEF International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network promotes experience sharing and learning among GEF International Waters projects, country officials, implementing agencies, and other partners.

Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions

Research institution 

The center’s goal is to catalyze research innovation and action to improve the health of the oceans for the people who depend on them most.

World Ocean Observatory


Through education, partnership, information exchange, public connection, and relentless communications, World Ocean Observatory is committed to building an expansive global community of Citizens of the Ocean to promote and conserve marine resources for the future of all mankind.

Ocean Sanctuary Alliance

Partnership on ocean

The Ocean Sanctuary Alliance (OSA) is a movement within the United Nations to achieve increased ocean protection by member states as part of Sustainable Development Goal 14. OSA is a partnership of nations and leaders from across disciplines whose mission is to restore and sustain the world’s ocean by securing national commitments to establish science-based marine sanctuaries.

ODIS Cat UNESCO-IOC Ocean Data and Information System “Catalogue of Sources”

The ODIS “Catalogue of Sources” aims to be an online browsable and searchable catalogue of existing ocean related web-based sources/systems of data and information as well as products and services. It will also provide information on products and visualize the landscape (entities and their connections) of ocean data and information sources.

World Ocean Council

International business alliance

The World Ocean Council (WOC) is a global, cross-sectoral ocean industry leadership alliance committed to “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”, developed by and for the private sector, with a unique and multi-sectoral approach to address cross-cutting issues affecting ocean sustainable development, science and stewardship of the seas.

International Ocean Institute

Advocacy, Capacity building

The International Ocean Institute (IOI) is a world leading independent, non-governmental non-profit organisation conducting training and capacity building in Ocean Governance globally.

International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI)

Informal partnership between countries and organizations working to preserve coral reefs globally.

Recognizing that many countries face similar threats to coral reefs and related ecosystems as well as similar management problems, ICRI’s objectives are to encourage the adoption of best practice in sustainable management of coral reefs and associated ecosystems; build capacity and raise awareness at all levels on the plight of coral reefs globally.

Global Mangrove Alliance

A unique platform to bring together all stakeholders to accelerate a comprehensive, coordinated, global approach to mangrove conservation and restoration at a scale that matters.

The Global Mangrove Alliance is a commitment from the international community to reverse the loss of critically important mangrove habitats worldwide. Its founding members, Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund, will build upon the diverse skills and networks each organization brings to amplify existing efforts and drive increased attention to the critical role of mangroves in coastal systems.

Global Marine Community

Informal and non-partisan platform

The Global Marine Community serves as an informal and non-partisan platform for discussion and information-sharing within the Washington D.C. marine arena and beyond.

Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

Conservation alliance

Connects more than 30 leading conservation groups that work with businesses representing over 80% of the North American grocery and food-service markets. Alliance members and collaborators work collectively to tackle challenges that are too big for any one organization or business to solve alone. Share expertise and develop tools that help businesses advance their sustainable seafood commitments for healthier, sustainable oceans.


Knowledge hub

OpenChannels is the knowledge hub for the global community of practice on ocean planning, ecosystem-based management, and marine protected areas.

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Global coalition and advocacy platform

Aims to stop plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans, animals and the environment. Founded in 2009, its 500+ member organizations and individuals seek to increase understanding of the plastic pollution problem and find sustainable solutions to live plastic-free.

Global Ocean Forum

International non-profit organization

The Global Ocean Forum is an international, independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote good governance of the ocean, healthy marine ecosystems, and sustainable devel­opment.

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Action Platform

Action platform

The SIDS Action Platform has been developed to support the follow up to the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS Conference), including through a partnerships platform, a partnerships framework, and a UN Implementation Matrix.


International non-profit organization

SeaWeb envisions a world where all people understand and act upon the knowledge that a healthy ocean is vital to all life and essential to a sustainable future.

The Small Island Developing States Global Business Network (SIDS-GBN)

Online resource hub

SIDS-GBN is an online platform and resource hub to share best practices and lessons learned to forge greater collaboration among SIDS regional private sector organisations from the Atlantic, Indian Ocean and South China Sea, Caribbean and the Pacific.

IUCN Global Marine and Polar Programme newsletter


This e-newsletter aims to update the wider marine community on IUCN Global Marine and Polar programme’s key events and activities.

10X20 Initiative

Global network of marine protected areas

The 10X20 Initiative’s aim is to create a thoughtful, coordinated global network of marine protected areas (MPAs) that achieves the 10 percent target to conserve biodiversity.

The Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON)

Global network

GOA-ON is a collaborative international approach to document the status and progress of ocean acidification in open-ocean, coastal, and estuarine environments, to understand the drivers and impacts of ocean acidification on marine ecosystems, and to provide spatially and temporally resolved biogeochemical data necessary to optimize modeling for ocean acidification.

The Global Partnership on Nutrient Management (GPNM) online information portal

Online information portal

A global platform to steer dialogues and actions to promote effective nutrient management. The platform provides a knowledge hub, networking opportunities and promotes global discussions on sustainable nutrient management. Through the platform, users can interact and share information, lessons learned and tools, while GPNM partners can monitor progress on implementing activities related to the sustainable use of nutrients.

Global Ghost Gear Initiative

Global alliance

A global, cross-sectoral alliance committed to driving solutions to the problem of lost and abandoned fishing gear worldwide. Includes government agencies, the seafood industry, fishermen, NGOs and scientists. With projects  around the world, GGGI’s efforts encompass: 1. data and evidence, 2. solutions projects and 3. best practice and policy.


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